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ImpacTech workshops and inspiration talks helps to upgrade the innovation roadmap and strategic initiatives of companies. We make people more entrepreneurial and ready for the challenges of the future. We introduce innovation habits within large organisations by providing tailored workshops.

You can’t invent the future with the tools from the past. There are few parts of any business, from customer services to management teams, who won’t be able to benefit from the value and insight a great speaker can offer. Our inspiration talks prepare companies for the next challenge, with a new perspective on career and role, ready to take on anything life might through at them.

We provide dynamic public speaking services on entrepreneurship and motivational keynotes to aspire audiences.

Our workshops are specialized to help ignite the innovation spark within your company, deal with cultural differences and learn new tools & frameworks via different training modules to face real-life innovation challenges. We help the your organization to find new & sustainable sources of profit. 

Our Workshops consist of the best practices and mindsets used by successful entrepreneurs to apply in the complexity of their company to create successful startups.

Our Workshops Will Equip You With
  • Design thinking methodologies

  • Create more options to spark internal innovation

  • Implement new tools, strategies and new standards

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