ImpacTech Thailand is an acceleration program for startups who use technology to tackle social issues. ImpacTech aims to empower social tech startups in Thailand and create a vibrant social tech community of startups and supporters

The acceleration process will start by defining each team’s goals and milestones. The selected startups will gain access to workshop and content sessions that not only help to build the foundation of their enterprise, but also inspire unique ideas and push the limits of their imagination – all geared towards preparing them for Demo Day. The startups will also enjoy mentoring sessions with mentors which will be closely assigned to them, according to their progress, needs and technical domain.

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We are technology focused and our global presence gives our startups significant advantage in scaling fast. Our community is powerful and like no other. Once a startup joins the program, he is part of the community and keeps being supported and supports others once he graduates. ImpacTech assists the graduated startups in securing their next round of investment to ensure they keep the momentum of building the company with the necessary resources.


We Unleash The Innovation Within You


As startups may differ one from another, the acceleration process will start by defining each team’s goals and milestones. These objectives will be translated into key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be monitored on a regular basis during the program. Once the personalized plan is set out, each team will be assigned a personal mentor that will lead them and answer their exact needs throughout the program.

Building Profitable Startups Along With Impact

A business should try to solve massive social problems. Why? Because when business solves a problem, it makes a profit, which enables the solution to grow exponentially and scale. How to manage them both? That’s why we’re here.

Our objective is to grow businesses that Do Well by Doing Good.

Powerful Mentoring

ImpacTech mentors and domain experts are experienced leaders who are willing to challenge and be challenged, guide and inspire startups through the art of storytelling and questioning. Our mentors and domain experts are at a point in their careers where they want to give back to the startup community by sharing their knowledge and experience. The mentors are carefully matched to startups to create the ultimate partnership. Experts in their field, ImpacTech’s domain experts provide the startups participating in the acceleration programs with rigorous, hands on training and expertise.

Meeting The Investors

Our program provides multiple opportunities to build relationships with leading investors and venture funds. The startups will engage in special sessions with investors and VC’s, meetings with influential and leading companies, participate in networking events and attend the final “Demo Day” when the startup will be presented to various stake holders.

Fun & Empowering Atmosphere

We connect the startups with leading companies, emerging startups and potential customers that are specifically relevant to their venture, helping the product/service get traction.

Community Events

One of our main goals is to expand the social-tech community. Throughout the program, ImpacTech will hold various networking events and meet-ups, focused on exposing the start-ups to students, investors, corporates and other potential stake-holders.

Double Bottom Line

How to look beyond either the balance sheet or the bottom line, and make a successful business by adding value, purpose and sustainability. This is the way to run a 21st century business responsibly.


Office Space

Office space which is designed and structured to create collaboration atmosphere is provided. We strive for our co-working space to become the home of our companies and startups.



Capital is often the resource perceived by entrepreneurs as the most limited in supply. For ImpacTech, financing assistance is an important component in supporting the startups. Assistance with financing and funding is a two step process. First, the companies need preparation for securing financing or raising investment capital. Secondly, the ImpacTech staff needs to connect them with sources of capital according to the nature of the company (startup) and their financial needs.


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