ImpacTech Japan Community


Meet The Ones Who Make ImpacTech Your First Choice in Japan



Our Mentors & Domain Experts

Mariko Ashida

ImpacTech Country Manager Japan

Tom Nakajima

Founder, Interlink Ltd.

Dr. Minoru “Mick” Etoh

Professor, 2 CEOs, and Program Director at Japan Science and Technology Agency

Hayato Hanaoka (花岡隼人)

Program Officer, Nippon Foundation (日本財団)

Mitsutomo Mera

Director for The National Convention, 

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Young Entrepreneurs Group

Yoav Ramot

CEO Japan, Million Steps

Hal Seki

CEO at Georepublic Japan. Geo Developer, Representative of Code for Japan



Nir Turk

COO Japan, Founding Member, Million Steps

Xavier Arnaudo

Founder and Representative director at C4 Capital for New Commons

Takahiro Fushimi

Director – C4:Capital for New Commons

Jed Ng

Head of Rakuten RapidAPI | Tech Investor & Venture Advisor

Amnon Agassy

Business PR and Consulting

Carmel Rosenthal (ローゼンタール カルメル)

Managing Partner, MBR Partners Japan 

Takashi Onoda

Representative Lawyer, Onoda & Takasago Law Office

Akie Inada

Chief MOG Officer、Person Holdoings Co., Ltd.

Tsuyoshi Kageyam

Managing Attorney at iPLAB Startups

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