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ImpacTech supplies corporates with world-class innovation workshops, challenges and programs.

Our Unforgettable Workshops use innovative, fun methods and tools to facilitate meaningful discussions, ignite the innovation spark and inspire a change within the people. Click here to learn more.

Our Innovation Challenges allow you to source for ‘out of the box’, game changing and unconventional solutions for your business in a faster and more economical manner. Click here to learn more.

We provide dynamic Public Speaking Services on entrepreneurship and motivational key notes to aspire audiences. Click here to learn more.

We provide Customised Programs that bring corporates together with disruptive startups and entrepreneurs who are building innovative and potentially market changing technologies. Click here to learn more.


We match corporates with top-end entrepreneurs who create game-changing technology for your market

Our corporate innovation programs provide entrepreneurs with finance, mentorship and a dynamic work environment that stimulates creativity and productivity. Our programs are rigorous, rapid and can achieve dramatic commercial results:

  • We are aligned with corporate strategy
  • We encourage the corporate’s involvement
  • We develop customised programs
  • We receive a large volume of high quality applications
  • We have an international presence allows it to emerge as a global leader

While new competitors are emerging all the time, this is a new paradigm where disruptive startups can enter markets with new low cost technology and become the market leader more rapidly than ever before

Why would a company create a competing product to its own business? The answer is simple – survival


1. Collaborate to agree themes

We work with you to develop specific themes that align with your corporate innovation objectives and strategy.

2. Recruit and select entrepreneurs

For the corporate accelerator programs, we recruit a cohort of entrepreneurs at early, startup or scaleup stages who have innovative ideas that align with your specific corporate innovative themes. We work with you to select the best applicants according to your problem statements.

3. Validate and test

We run a tailored 3-4 months corporate accelerator program in which the entrepreneurs are mentored, validate and test their ideas with a goal of bringing it to market.

4. You decide the next step

After the corporate accelerator program, the corporate can choose to integrate the idea in their business, to invest or to take an equity position.

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