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ImpacTech Thailand supports social tech startups that utilize technology to tackle social and environmental challenges. ImpacTech provides startups with a unique acceleration program, giving startups the best possible opportunity to be successful and at the same time create meaningful impact to society


ImpacTech Thailand offers an exclusive 4 months unique acceleration program for startups that use technology to tackle social issues at their early stages of launching their product or service.

ImpacTech provide and support the startups with the following:

  • Professional workshops with domain experts;
  • Mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs, domain experts and investors;
  • Global mentorship utilizing the ImpacTech global community of mentors and experts, using first class video conferencing tools;
  • Office Hours with dozens of domain experts from tech, business, social, and professional backgrounds;
  • Corporate involvement through consulting of top experts, lab tests, information sharing, accessibility to resources and pilot runs;
  • Exposure and connections to a community of organizations, public institutions and other relevant stakeholders, providing the startups with a strong community of supporters and resources;
  • Work space including office services and a like-minded community;
  • PR and media exposure work closely with various institutions and agencies to drive publicity and participation in event;
  • Seek capital to startups by utilizing ImpacTech network of investors, VCs and angles

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